Coaches, Authors, Speakers and Consultants... or those who want to be...
the 90 Day $100,000 challenge
Challenge Begins In:
From: The Desk of Shawn Shewchuk
Date: Today
Location: Calgary, Alberta
I have an IMPORTANT question for you... 

If I were to show you the EXACT strategies that Coaches, Authors, Speakers and Consultants are using all over the world, to scale there business to 6, 7 and 8 figures, would that be something that would interest you?

Your personal invitation:

For the first time in 4 years, I am going to be personally working with Coaches, Authors, Speakers and Consultants, or individuals that want to become an experts in any of the above fields, for 2 entire days... right here in Calgary! 

You will find out how you will scale your coaching business, and level-up your value proposition and deliverables in order to create a greater positive impact, and charge what you’re worth. 

It’s time for you to stop playing small!

I am THE Number 1 Results coach, and I have successfully worked over 9,200 students and clients. Now it's your turn to achieve the FREEDOM that you went into business for in the first place. STOP working in your business and start working on your business! 

Learn the proven methods to attracting high value clients that want to work with you, and pay premium dollars your for your knowledge and experience.
Plus, you will be able to benefit from a system that will give you a constant stream of clients that value your coaching.  I will give you the step by step formula. The only thing that you need to do is work the system. 
This is me (picture on the left) speaking at Influence Live in California to hundreds of eager participants. You too will very quickly build that INFLUENCE that propels you to new heights and financial independence. 

We are inundated with information, and you likely already have all the information you need.  We will be working together on the implementation!  

You will start before you leave the room, and you will have your very own personalized 7 figure blueprint. 

Get everything you need to...  Fix your bank account!
If you’re still reading this, you know you want this. There is only 1 thing you have to do, you have to reserve your seat today. 

Participation is limited, and I know you’ll agree with me when I say that you deserve this! You deserve financial independence, and so do those you love.

  • Learn the 5 Levels of Branding - You will clearly understand the power of influence and how to leverage it to collapse time frames. It took me decades, you will be able to make it happen in a fraction of that time.
  • Get the secrets to attracting (paying) clients and how close them - Stop chasing those that don’t want to pay you, and only engage with the clients that value what you do. No more peaks and valleys.
  • Your Personal Results Blueprint - Throughout the weekend we will be collaborating to build your own step-by-step road map. You will start implementing on your blueprint before you leave
  • Get the Low-Down – 90 Days to 6 Figures - Add an additional 6-figures in as little as 90 Days when you implement and execute on your plan
  • Scale Up Your Business... FAST - 90 Days kind of fast. Yeah, you heard that right. Get the 90 Days freedom plan working for you immediately.
  • Acceptance - You can not do it all yourself! Learn from decades of experience, thousands of clients and real results. Accept the guidance and level-up your clients and finances now! 
  • Implementation “Get ‘it’ Done!” - Implement the number 1 proven system that delivers RESULTS every time. As fast as 90 Days
Step in, step up and lead.  Your high value students and clients are waiting for you!

One meeting, introduction or connection can change everything.  
Stop working so hard.  Start realising the freedom you deserve by letting go.
Shatter barriers in record time.

I am taking the 90 day $100,000 challenge!

 Learn the secrets Tony Robbins and Bob Proctor know and use
 It is more about positioning and less about marketing
 It is not about time, it's about value
* Max 50 Participants
To Your Results,
Shawn Shewchuk
P.S. : This transformational weekend will end up costing you $0!  Your $97 deposit will be refunded when you attend the weekend event  When you join the VIP ranks, your investment will only be $197, and when you attend the weekend event, you will receive the $97 deposit back. The deposit in only to hold your seat for the weekend. 
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